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A quote calculator built with Wix Velo code is a powerful tool that allows you to provide your customers with instant, accurate price estimates for your products or services. These calculators can be customized to suit the specific needs of each business and can include a wide range of variables, such as product options, shipping costs, and taxes. They are easy to use for customers and can be integrated seamlessly into the business's website, providing a smooth and efficient experience.


Wix Velo code allows for advanced features such as conditional logic, making the quote calculators even more versatile, and the ability to collect customer data that can be used for further analysis. Quote calculators built with Wix Velo code are an effective way for you to provide a valuable service to your customers while also streamlining your sales process.

wix quote calculator with lead capture.png
  • Captures input into database.

  • Multi-stepped.

  • Gives instantly calculated quotes to potential clients.

  • Sends email to the website owner on every new entry.

falkon wix google map quote calculator.png
quote calculator with add to cart.png
  • Captures inputs based on different selections.

  • Connected with wix shop.

  • Gives instantly calculated quotes and takes the user to the cart.

  • The custom-created product is paid same way as any another wix product.

pdf generation.png
  • Captures date inputs and gives data based on selected dates.

  • Shows the data immediately

  • Calculates sub total and grand totals and generates the data in tabular format in the pdf.

  • Captures input and gives estimated price based on the values defined and the distance between two points.

  • Shows distance from one point to another, visually as well as written in miles.

  • Lets the user select vehicle type and the price is generate based on the selection.

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