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Why my POST request was not working in Wix velo

There could be several reasons why a POST request is not responding with any response or error in Wix Velo. Some possible causes include:

Incorrect endpoint URL: The endpoint URL for the POST request may be incorrect, causing the request to be sent to the wrong location.

Missing or incorrect data: The POST request may be missing required data or the data may be in the wrong format, causing the server to reject the request.

Server-side error: There may be an error on the server-side that is preventing the request from being processed.

CORS issue: The issue could also be caused by a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) issue, which can occur when the server and client are on different domains.

Network issue: The issue could be due to a problem with the network such as a connectivity issue, this is causing the request to fail.

It would be helpful to check the browser developer console for any error message, and also look at the server-side logs for any error message.

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